Looking for some of the finest mattresses in the online market?

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 Well worry no more because Simplyrest has got your back. Check out our list of these amazing mattresses. Read on simplyrest to know the specifications of these mattresses.


Built entirely from several layers of bio-degradable memory foam, the Sleepwalking Liberty memory foam mattress is a rejuvenating, relatively luxurious sleeping option equipped to offer soft, conforming, comfort-relieving pressure. The Liberty continues to be one of the most environmentally conscious mattresses in the industry-the foam is approved by CertiPUR-US, with a top cover infused with Celliant-a special substance that retains and reflects the heat exuded by your body.

The top memory foam layer (3) “features an open configuration of the cell, offering both contouring support and decent thermal dissipation. The middle layer (2) “is a little firmer, and is intended to create a bridge between the comfort and base layers in terms of reaction and assistance. In order to ensure optimum spinal cohesion, the bottom layer (7) “provides solid, deep protection.


The top and middle layers of the Spindle mattress, all 3 “thick, have an ILD of 17.5 to 20.5 lbs., meaning the latex is known for medium strong, springy and conforming support. The bottom layer, though, has a slightly higher ILD of 29.5-32.5, which offers the solid protection required to retain the entire weight of your body properly. The organic cotton cover packed with a woollen batting, ideally complements the mattress ‘s overall springy responsiveness with a surface that softly “hugs” you without altering the latex ‘s distinctive feel. It is also worth noting that Spindle lets you order additional latex comfort layers by switching out the current layers to tailor the feel of your mattress. In addition, the latex complies with the requirements of OEKO-Tex for not having any toxic ingredients that could endanger your wellbeing.

Natural Escape

The top of the mattress consists of organic cotton and all-natural wool, which is approved by Greenguard Gold. Sheep wool was tested by a third-party laboratory to be free from pesticides, herbicides and other heavy metal substances. The cover feels relaxed and increases thermal control of the natural wool and works as a de facto flame retardant. The comfort layer underneath is made of natural Dunlop latex with an ILD of 18-22 accredited by OEKO-Tex, resulting in a medium-firm feel that is ideal for a large range of customers. It provides the body with instant sensitive, contouring comfort, but with a touch of firmness (this is not the mattress for those who want a plush, sinking feeling).

With all this information, you can definitely choose your finest and suitable mattress.